Definition Of Robot

\ ˈrō-ˌbät,-bət\

1: a device that resembles a dwelling creature in being capable of shifting independently (as by using walking or rolling on wheels) and performing complex actions (which includes greedy and moving objects)When the subsequent space launch heads for Mars, on board can be dozens of tiny mobile robots so that it will fan out throughout the Martian panorama, exploring each nook and cranny.— Michael Bowkeroften: any such gadget constructed to resemble a individual or animal in look and behaviorWhile technological know-how fiction robots have been capable of independent idea, feelings, even a touch cooking and sewing, scientists are locating that endowing a mechanical being with even the most simple human features is a enormous venture.— Greg FreiherrAs a sign of the instances, paleontologists themselves have taken to … designing dinosaur robots and presentations …— Malcolm W. Browne—frequently used before another nouna robot doga robotic servant— examine android, bot entry 1

2a: a device that automatically performs complex, frequently repetitive responsibilities (as in an industrial meeting line)the use of robots in car production… factories run by using robots producing many replicas of one product.— Morris Philipson—regularly used earlier than another nounFor fluid applications, especially within the car industry, the robot arm need to have extremely flexible movement.— Harry H. Poole

b: a mechanism guided by way of computerized controlsa robot airplane

3: a person who resembles a system in seeming to function automatically or in missing regular emotions or feelings… appears to agree with that professors are robots, college students are superficial, grade-hungry receptacles …— Micaela Rubalcava

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